is a non-profit organization working to preserve the legacy of once exsisted light railways.

We publish one or two photobook a year, compile the report of lectures at Keiben-Tetudo-Mokei-Matsuri ( Narrow Gauge Modeling Festival ), and supply goods at the Festival.
Our projects are done by voluntary work, and the sales are to be donated to restoring work of narrow-gauge locomotives, cars and tracks like RASS association.

 Kaijima Coal Mine Railway 1961-1964

Our new book published this October was on Kaijima Coal Mine Railway, which had 11km mainline, some branches, and big loop for extracting sand. It was shortly before the line was cut short when some of Kemuri Pro members visited Kaijima and took more than 1000 photographs of old Alco and Koppel tank engines, and Bucyrus steam shovels still in use. Selected 140 photographs show the whole perspective of the railway and its fascinating scenery. With drawings of rollingstock including Bucyrus Atlantic 45 original blue print. Also featuring small steam locomotives working on very rare 23inch line of a subsidiary company of Kaijima.